Search and Rescue
On Nov 28, 2023

Marine Rescue NSW crews assist in search for missing swimmer off Newcastle

Marine Rescue NSW volunteers are assisting NSW Police Marine Area Command in a search for a swimmer reported missing off Stockton Beach.

The search commenced on Sunday 26 November with rescue vessels Newcastle 30 and Port Stephens 31 tasked to assist in a parallel line search for the missing person.

Rescue vessel Port Stephens 30 joined Port Stephens 31 and Newcastle 30 on the water on Monday 27 November. Sea conditions were favourable with swells 1 to 1.5 metres. Volunteer crews on board the vessels continued the search until they were stood down in the afternoon.

On the morning of Tuesday 28 November rescue vessel Lemon Tree 30 joined Port Stephens 30 and Port Stephens 31 on the water. Volunteer crews on board the three vessels are currently conducting a parallel line search off Stockton Beach.

Marine Rescue NSW is a volunteer based not-for-profit professional organisation dedicated to keeping boaters safe on the water and supporting local communities.

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