Using a marine flare safely

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How to safely use a flare.

It’s important to know how to use a marine flare safely and effectively so you can signal that you need help. Make sure your flares are stowed where they can easily be reached in an emergency.

Read the instructions on the side of the flare.

As the metal canister will get very hot, only hold the flare by the handle.

Unscrew the lid on the top of the flare and hold it away from you.

Don’t look into the top of the flare

With your other hand, pull the yellow tag away from you and let the tag go.

The flare may take several seconds to activate but once it is alight, hold it in the air over the side of the boat, making sure the wind is behind you so the smoke doesn’t blow in your face.

When smoke or flame has finished, drop the used flare canister in the water, not in the bottom of the boat, where it could start a fire.

Remember to regularly check your flares’ expiry dates and replace them if they are out of date.