Christmas giving

Give a life saving gift this Christmas

Wanting to give back this holiday season? Donate to the volunteers who give so much.

Unlike most of the state’s emergency services Marine Rescue NSW is not a Government agency but an independent organisation. This means that Marine Rescue NSW volunteers fundraise to help keep their unit operating. These holidays help ease the financial pressures that many units may face during this busy time of rescues.

Marine Rescue NSW is a not-for-profit registered charity so when you give 2 dollars or more the donation is tax deductible. 

There are options for every budget to make a difference this year.

Gift flares to help a Marine Rescue NSW unit. $50 covers the cost of two flares which are an essential safety item used in rescues and in volunteer training.

Gift boat stock to a Marine Rescue NSW unit. Boat stock like ropes and chandlery are used to help boaters during an emergency.

Marine Rescue NSW volunteers fundraise for the fuel for their vessel. $125 funds the fuel for a 1 hour rescue.

Cover the cost of fuel for a 3 hour search and rescue mission. Marine Rescue units fundraise for their fuel costs.

Keep a vessel rescue ready by covering the cost of routine maintenance.

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