Our fleet

A world class fleet for a world-class emergency service


Marine Rescue NSW has a world-class rescue fleet that is the envy of marine rescue services both within Australia and internationally.

The landmark Fleet Modernisation Program is increasing volunteer safety and operational efficiency, equipping crews with safe, contemporary and reliable rescue vessels for their life-saving work, with the current fleet comprising 80 state of the art rescue vessels and 20 Rescue Water Craft.

Our momentum on the water is being maintained, with eight new rescue vessels and five Rescue Water Craft delivered in 2021-2022, and a continuing build schedule mapped out.

This work has been substantially supported a NSW Government capital injection to Marine Rescue NSW of $37.6 million over four years, which includes funding for 38 new rescue vessels.

Increased standardisation of the fleet supports our volunteer inter-operability and transferability, enabling crew members to train and operate across different vessels and units to boost rescue capability where needed.

MRNSW is committed to supporting the NSW boat building industry, not only for ease of access during construction, maintenance and servicing but also to provide valuable skilled employment in regional centres.


Vehicles are essential to the functioning of Marine Rescue NSW, enabling our members to transport smaller vessels to remote locations for rescues and training, and allowing members to travel to meetings, training, community engagement and other activities.

Our road fleet comprises 46 vehicles, with 11 delivered over the past year. Efforts are underway to standardise the vehicle fleet with a common rear area fit-out that offers ample storage and easy access to equipment.