Join your local Radio Club

Joining your local Marine Rescue NSW unit’s Radio Club is a great way for you to show your support for our volunteers and the vital emergency services they provide on NSW waterways.

Your annual club subscription makes an important contribution to our volunteer fundraising, which is essential to our not-for-profit organisation.

You’ll be helping your local unit stay rescue-ready but your contribution is more than financial. More importantly, you’ll be joining us on our mission to save lives on the water.

Our Radio Club members’ enhanced safety awareness means they are a valuable auxiliary asset on the water, potentially providing extra eyes to help our crews locate a missing vessel or giving initial assistance to a fellow boater in trouble until a rescue crew arrives on scene.

As a club member, you’ll receive a unique Marine Rescue-issued radio call sign. Using this brief identifier will save you time on the radio when you’re contacting us, such as when you Log On, Log Off or want to check your radio is operating effectively. Using the MarineRescue App is also quicker and easier for Radio Club members, too.

To thank you for your ongoing support for your local unit, you will have access to a range of exclusive discounts on a variety of safety, boating and fishing equipment and supporter merchandise through the Marine Rescue NSW e-shop

When you shop with us you’ll not only get great value but know you’re helping maintain our life-saving services. Safety equipment for sale includes adult and children’s lifejackets, a boating safety kit, Mini Jump Starters, marine tools and a range of emergency lights. You’ll also find the Australian Boating Manual by Captain Dick Gandy, Canon Binoculars and a range of coolers, wet weather clothing, filleting knives, chiller bags and more

Simply use your radio call sign as your Username and your Vessel Registration Number as your Password to ensure you save as you shop. Click here to start shopping

Become a Radio Club member today and get your unique radio call sign.