How to use the Marine Rescue NSW App

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Using the Marine Rescue app may save your life in an emergency on the water.

The app is available from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store.

Once you have installed the app, when you first use it you’ll be asked to set up your profile.

On the first page of set up, you’ll see a field called ‘Profile Comments’.

In this field type in that you are deaf or hard-of-hearing, and that you are unable to be communicated with by radio or voice call to your phone, and how you would like to be contacted.

Once you have installed the app, use it to Log On and Log Off whenever you head out on the water.

If you forget to Log Off and are overdue, or there’s an emergency where you can’t call for help, our radio operators will call you to check you are ok.

If your profile shows you are deaf or hearing impaired, they will use your preferred means of communication to contact you.

If you do not respond, they will send a rescue vessel to look for you.

Remember in an emergency do not just rely on our radio operators to call you.

Unless you are incapacitated, always first call for help on 000 using the NRS app selecting one of the Chat, Captions, Voice Relay or Video Relay options.

You can also press the distress alert button your VHF radio, set off your EPIRB or PLB, hang out a V-sheet or activate a flare.

And if you have had a safe day on the water, please remember to Log Off on your return to port.