Dealing with fire on a boat

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If a fire starts on your boat, warn passengers, ensure they are wearing their lifejackets and make an emergency call for help.

Shut off fuel lines and gas lines.

Try to put out the fire using your bucket and fire extinguisher.

If a burning object can be safely moved, quickly throw it into the water.

Close all hatches, vents and ports to reduce oxygen sources.

Move LPG cylinders away from the heat source. If this is not possible, spray water on cylinders to keep them cool. If flames are threatening to engulf a gas cylinder, you should abandon the boat.

Manoeuvre the boat downwind.

Keep a close watch on the area once the fire is out.

If you have to abandon a boat with a fire on board, do so on the side the wind is blowing from – in case the vessel drifts and spreads fuel in the water.

And remember – carry an approved fire extinguisher for the type of fuel you have on board and hold regular fire drills so you know what to do.