How your support helps

We need you alongside us on our mission to save lives on the water.

With more and more people getting out to enjoy boating on some of Australia’s most spectacular waterways, right here in NSW, it’s more important than ever for Marine Rescue NSW to remain a strong, well-resourced emergency service standing ready to help when you need us.

Marine Rescue NSW receives valuable financial support from the NSW Government and from members of the boating community, who, in recognition of the services we provide, contribute to Marine Rescue NSW through a levy on their annual boat licence and registration fees.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we still rely on our volunteers’ committed community fundraising efforts, government and community grants and generous donors and sponsors.

You can help us help you by donating here

By donating to Marine Rescue NSW, you will help to support our emergency operations and to ensure our volunteers are equipped with world-class rescue vessels and equipment, such as online radio dispatch systems, automatic defibrillators and electronic navigation aids.