On Sep 14, 2020

Nominate for MRNSW Board 2020

Volunteers will this year cast their votes to elect four Directors to the MRNSW Board.

Elections will be held for the positions of Greater Sydney, Illawarra and Monaro Regional Directors and a General Director.

The incumbent Directors are Ken Edwards, Keven Marshall, Glenn Felkin and Pat Fayers, respectively.

The Board elections will be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting at State Headquarters on November 21.

The meeting will be held in line with COVID-19 social distancing and hygiene requirements.

Nominations for the elections open on September 14 and will close on October 9, with voting from October 19 to November 13.

The General Director will be elected for a three-year term and the three Regional Directors will be elected for two years each.

Chair Jim Glissan encouraged eligible volunteers with the interest, time and commitment to stand for election.

“The strategic leadership of our organisation is vested in the Board, working together with the Commissioner, staff and our talented volunteers,” he said.

“We enthusiastically encourage members who have the skills to bring to the table, a sound knowledge of the organisation, its people, assets and services and the dedication to give the time, energy and due consideration required for the Board’s decision-making processes to put their names forward.”

Volunteers nominating for election must have been an active member for at least two years, possess knowledge and experience of MRNSW and bring relevant skill sets such as professional qualifications or board, governance, fundraising or management experience.

Regular and Life Members are eligible to vote but not Provisional Members.

This will be the third MRNSW Board election conducted online.

Members should make sure their correct personal email address is listed on the Otter system to ensure they receive their voting materials.

Click for letter calling for Board Nominations and Form

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