In a boating emergency

Radio for help on

Channel 16 on VHF 
(distress and calling channel)

Channel 88 (27.880 MHz) 
on a 27 MHz radio

Call MRNSW on

9450 2468

Or call

MarineRescue App

The new MarineRescue App is making it easier than ever for boaters to Log On, Log Off and stay safe on NSW waters. It's the only app that will connect you directly to Marine Rescue NSW.

Join your local Radio Club

Most Marine Rescue NSW units operate a Radio Club for members of their local boating community. These clubs are a great way for you to show your support for our volunteers and the vital emergency services they provide on NSW waterways.

Your annual club membership fee makes an important contribution to our volunteer fundraising, which is crucial to Marine Rescue NSW as a not-for-profit community-based service.

While some units may have different names for their Radio Clubs, their members are supporters who have signed up to receive a unique Marine Rescue-issued radio call sign. Using this brief identifier will save you time on the radio when you are contacting Marine Rescue, such as when you Log On, Log Off, check your marine radio is operating effectively or seek a weather update.

Call signs vary from unit to unit – for instance, Marine Rescue Ballina’s call signs take the format BALL000, while Marine Rescue Merimbula’s are MX000.

The information on your boat and vehicle and the personal contact details you have provided your unit as part of your membership will give us help us search for you in the event of an emergency.

To thank you for your ongoing support for your local unit, Marine Rescue NSW is now providing Radio Club members with a range of exclusive benefits.

These include:

  • Automatic information loading on the new MarineRescue smartphone App. The relevant personal and boat details you have provided your local unit as part of your club membership will load automatically in the new App once you enter your radio call sign (eg MX000) and your Vessel Registration Number. Just select I’m a Radio Club Member on the app’s front screen and follow the prompts.

  • Discounts at the new Marine Rescue NSW e-shop. Our Radio Club members can purchase a range of great boating and safety products at exclusive discounts. You can find the e-shop on the Marine Rescue NSW website, Simply use your radio call sign as your Username and your Vessel Registration Number as your Password to ensure you save as you shop.

  • Free e-magazine. Learn more about the life-saving work of Marine Rescue NSW’s 3,000 volunteers through our magazine, Soundings. Make sure your Marine Rescue unit has your up-to-date email address so you can receive this magazine each quarter.

Contact your local Marine Rescue Unit about becoming a Radio Club member today.



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